Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Korea, hysteria, self-examination

It was pleasing to read this morning that the leader of the opposition Labor Party here in Australia, who, according to polls, should be elected prime minister, will be visiting Seoul and Tokyo, not hanging on Trump's words as Prime Minister Turnbull does at the moment.

From The Guardian

V Putin has also spoken sensibly on Korea.

An article at The Conversation this morning talked about what 'sniffer aircraft' can tell us about the DPRK's nuclear explosion the other day.

I offered these thoughts:

Maureen Todhunter, a writer at John Menadue's blog offered wisdom on finding ways forward to sanity:

...Exposing ourselves to others’ ways of seeing life and its crises, and revealing our own ways to others, may seriously challenge most of us. But I think it’s an important step in developing empathy, capacity and will for collective remedial action. This is action that rejects war and cultivates peace, that nurtures the irritations of resistance and civil disobedience into pearls of civic-minded behaviour caring for all people and planet. Importantly then, a 21st century update on Marx: imaginations of the world, unite!
An exciting place for learning, thinking and imagining collectively is the IPAN (Independent and Peaceful Australia Network) National Conference 2017 in Melbourne on 8, 9 & 10 September 2017. Its theme: War, Peace & Independence: Keep Australia out of US Wars. register for the conference
Maureen Todhunter is an academic copy editor and member of Just Peace Qld
In reply I drew on the comment I'd made at The Conversation, adding a note at the end about past difficulties in endeavouring to walk down the middle between the left and the right.

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