Friday, August 4, 2017

humanism, humour, art, cinema: Kaurismaki

We have a film by Aki Kaurismaki coming to the local (Huskisson) Sydney Travelling Film Festival. Kaurismaki is an adventure. A Finnish director who once wrote to the New York Film Festival to thank them for their kind invitation but that as the US Government would not allow his friend the great Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami attend, he certainly would not be able to attend.

The film I embed below, with a collage of Kaurismaki and very intelligent commentary, is a startling reflection on humanism through a very unusual approach to comedy. By Lewis Bond who has other work here.

The film is rewarding to watch in a time of world grimness. Bond notes that many dramas unfold the journey of people into tragedy; Kaurismaki's protagonists begin in deep trouble and the trouble becomes comprehensive. So goes the world. Here smile about it, enter a mindstate that might lead to thoughts of betterment.

and this is the movie of grand perspective coming to little Huskisson

oh and um, wonder of wonders, dubbed in Italian, some English
Leningrad Cowboys go America
for which Italian language not essential,
confirming Kaurismaki's view of conversation first video above...

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