Sunday, August 6, 2017

journeys into Saturday

We have resolved, my health being up, Helen's work marginally less preoccupying, to use Saturdays well.

Outings with Ralph too.

Last week we did this.

This Saturday Helen wanted to go to the Milton Markets which are supposed to be on the first Saturday of the month ... but evidently were not.

So we sidled down the street and came upon this magical voyage, perhaps a street view of my last brain MRI.

an extraordinary house, extraordinary minds, in a quiet heritage town.

And then we went for the beach, but of course diverted and stumbled upon...

A friendly person passing by said the mosaics and the wall had faded a bit in 15 years, she thought the gal who lived there, who did them, was a kind of environmental gal.

They fade well.

In taking a photo of the friendly person passing by I was of course taking a photo of the dry stone and tile decorations outside another adjacent house Below.

to enlarge all pictures, click on one
We found two beaches, actually of course many more, but went to two. 

I had left my camera at home, these are with android phone. Dialogue between phone and this MacBook is impossible, and impossible so far to get movies that have been gobbled by google spaceship. 

I did succeed in shifting all google stolen photos from google photos to google drive, not too hard, then downloaded to the Mac from Drive and with Drive deleted from both Photos and Drive. But as I write this I have a suspicion my phone is chatting with Google Photos and uploading again. 

That's a long way of saying I can't show you film but here are some photos, of Dolphin Point Beach After a moment of human geometry at the hardware:

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